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Working on Artemis II

By iftttauthorways4eu on Fri Mar 24 2023

A technician works on part of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket’s core stage for Artemis II in this March 11, 2023, image. via NASA https://ift.tt/HTaG9kL

Outbound Comet ZTF

By iftttauthorways4eu on Fri Mar 24 2023

Former darling of the northern sky Comet C/2022E3 (ZTF) has faded. During its closest approach to our fair planet in early February Comet ZTF was a mere 2.3 light-minutes distant. Then known as the green comet, this visitor from the remote Oort Cloud is now nearly 13.3 light-minutes away. In this deep image, composed of […]

Celebrating Women in STEM

By iftttauthorways4eu on Thu Mar 23 2023

Deputy director for technology and research investments at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. Christyl Johnson, speaks during a panel discussion as part of a Women’s History Month program, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” Wednesday, March 22, 2023. via NASA https://ift.tt/hBH7K2r

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