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By iftttauthorways4eu on Sun Apr 07 2024

Will the sky be clear enough to see the eclipse? This question is already on the minds of many North Americans hoping to see tomorrow’s solar eclipse. This question was also on the mind of many people attempting to see the total solar eclipse that crossed North America in August 2017. Then, the path of […]

Unwinding M51

By iftttauthorways4eu on Sat Apr 06 2024

The arms of a grand design spiral galaxy 60,000 light-years across are unwound in this digital transformation of the magnificent 2005 Hubble Space Telescope portrait of M51. In fact, M51 is one of the original spiral nebulae, its winding arms described by a mathematical curve known as a logarithmic spiral, a spiral whose separation grows […]

Astronauts Protect Their Eyes with Eclipse Glasses

By iftttauthorways4eu on Fri Apr 05 2024

NASA astronauts Stephen Bowen, left, Frank Rubio, Warren Hoburg, and UAE (United Arab Emirates) astronaut Sultan Alneyadi, right, pose for a photo wearing solar glasses, Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters building in Washington. Bowen, Hoburg, and Alneyadi spent 186 days aboard the International Space Station as part of Expedition […]

The Solar Corona Unwrapped

By iftttauthorways4eu on Fri Apr 05 2024

Changes in the alluring solar corona are detailed in this creative composite image mapping the dynamic outer atmosphere of the Sun during two separate total solar eclipses. Unwrapped from the complete circle of the eclipsed Sun’s edge to a rectangle and mirrored, the entire solar corona is shown during the 2017 eclipse (bottom) seen from […]

Exobiology Deputy Branch Chief Melissa Kirven-Brooks

By iftttauthorways4eu on Thu Apr 04 2024

“… I’ve just seen such tremendous things happen since I’ve been part of the Astrobiology Program, and that’s why I’m pretty confident we’re going to find life elsewhere, because there are just so many brilliant people working on this.” — Melissa Kirven-Brooks, Exobiology Deputy Branch Chief and Future Workforce Lead of the NASA Astrobiology Program, […]

Comet Pons-Brooks at Night

By iftttauthorways4eu on Thu Apr 04 2024

In dark evening skies over June Lake, northern hemisphere, planet Earth, Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks stood just above the western horizon on March 30. Its twisted turbulent ion tail and diffuse greenish coma are captured in this two degree wide telescopic field of view along with bright yellowish star Hamal also known as Alpha Arietis. Now Pons-Brooks […]

Carving a Path

By iftttauthorways4eu on Wed Apr 03 2024

What looks like highways going through a metropolitan area are actually a series of glaciers carving their way through the Karakoram mountain range north of the Himalayas. This photograph was taken from the International Space Station as it orbited 263 miles above. via NASA https://ift.tt/skzaHpK

By iftttauthorways4eu on Wed Apr 03 2024

What created this unusual celestial firework? The nebula, dubbed Pa 30, appears in the same sky direction now as a bright “guest star” did in the year 1181. Although Pa 30’s filaments look similar to that created by a nova (for example GK Per), and a planetary nebula (for example NGC 6751), some astronomers now […]

A Home for Astronauts around the Moon

By iftttauthorways4eu on Tue Apr 02 2024

The primary structure of the Gateway space station’s HALO (Habitation and Logistics Outpost) module is one step closer to launch following welding completion in Turin, Italy. HALO is one of four Gateway modules where astronauts will live, conduct science, and prepare for lunar surface missions. NASA is partnering with Northrop Grumman and their subcontractor Thales […]

By iftttauthorways4eu on Tue Apr 02 2024

Only in the fleeting darkness of a total solar eclipse is the light of the solar corona easily visible. Normally overwhelmed by the bright solar disk, the expansive corona, the sun’s outer atmosphere, is an alluring sight. But the subtle details and extreme ranges in the corona’s brightness, although discernible to the eye, are notoriously […]

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