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A Visual Guide to React Mental Models: UseState, UseEffect and Lifecycles

By ways4.eu on Fri May 29 2020

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Diagnose open source project issues faster

By ways4.eu on Thu May 28 2020

Hey! I made this webapp which you can use to record and share screen recordings with. Imagine you work on an open source project and issues pour in but you can't reproduce them. With https://shareit.video you can ask the issue creators to show you what's going wrong. ​ If you like, you can leave an […]

YouTube Pocket Timestamp via /r/reactjs

By ways4.eu on Sat May 23 2020

As a musician, I often need to save particularly moment in some video(concert, podcast, or some interesting melody) and it bugged me through years that YouTube doesn't allow saving videos to the playlist with the timestamp. So, I created this small React/Redux app for saving the exact part in the videos by simply pasting. It […]

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