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Partly Cloudy today!

By iftttauthorways4eu on Fri Feb 23 2024

Partly Cloudy today! With a high of 9C and a low of 9C. 75 Humidity. 5 C currently. 18 Km/h Wind from Southwest.

Shanghai from Space

By iftttauthorways4eu on Thu Feb 22 2024

The city lights of Shanghai, the most populous city in China with a population of about 24.9 million, and the Huangpu River flowing through downtown, are pictured from the International Space Station as it orbited 260 miles above the East China Sea. via NASA https://ift.tt/Nh629zn

A View Toward M106

By iftttauthorways4eu on Thu Feb 22 2024

Big, bright, beautiful spiral, Messier 106 dominates this cosmic vista. The nearly two degree wide telescopic field of view looks toward the well-trained constellation Canes Venatici, near the handle of the Big Dipper. Also known as NGC 4258, M106 is about 80,000 light-years across and 23.5 million light-years away, the largest member of the Canes […]

Studying Arctic Ice

By iftttauthorways4eu on Wed Feb 21 2024

On July 12, 2011, crew from the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy retrieved a canister dropped by parachute from a C-130, which brought supplies for some mid-mission fixes. The ICESCAPE, or “Impacts of Climate on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment, mission was a NASA shipborne investigation to study how changing conditions in […]

By iftttauthorways4eu on Wed Feb 21 2024

The bird is bigger than the peak. Nicknamed for its avian shape, the Seagull Nebula is an emission nebula on the night sky that is vast, spanning an angle over five times the diameter of the full moon and over 200 light years. The head of the nebula is catalogued as IC 2177, and the […]

Deputy Program Manager Dr. Camille Alleyne

By iftttauthorways4eu on Tue Feb 20 2024

“You must have grit, resilience, courage, and strength. I’m able to really share all the wisdom and the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career with [the students I mentor], and that makes a difference.” — Dr. Camille Alleyne, Deputy Program Manager, Commercial LEO Development Program, NASA’s Johnson Space Center via NASA https://ift.tt/jrv4UnY

By iftttauthorways4eu on Tue Feb 20 2024

When galaxies collide, how many stars are born? For AM1054-325, featured here in a recently released image by the Hubble Space Telescope, the answer is millions. Instead of stars being destroyed as galaxy AM1054-325 and a nearby galaxy circle each other, their gravity and motion has ignited stellar creation. Star formation occurs rapidly in the […]

By iftttauthorways4eu on Mon Feb 19 2024

What’s happening near the Sun? To help find out, NASA launched the robotic Parker Solar Probe (PSP) to investigate regions closer to the Sun than ever before. The PSP’s looping orbit brings it nearer to the Sun each time around — every few months. The featured time-lapse video shows the view looking sideways from behind […]

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